welcome to my page, where my opinion doesnt matter and the posts are archaic in nature. enjoy.


Apples from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, by Dimps/HAL Laboratory.

There's a movie on TV.

i dont think i want to be on here anymore. or at least for awhile. being here reminds me of shit i dont particularly want to think of.

ill still be posting ham ham heartbreak stuff since it has nowhere else to go.

see you starside.



occupation: the family disappointment

with a URL as stunning as that, I can see why


If Linkin Park plays in the forest and no one is around to hear it, in the end, does it even matter?




and now we go to link with the weather

i really like the people here. ive grown accustomed to more than enough cool dudes here. but i dont think i really want to be on tumblr anymore. i dont know for sure. id never delete, but ill probably abandon.


I was obsessed with Ham-Ham Heartbreak as a kid, so I drew up some cuties for old times’ sake!

whats the deal with airplane food

i took the initiative. i erased them. and now i need to play ham ham heartbreak and try not to be a wreck

I’d like to share something an anonymous user posted on /jp/

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